Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Collect and Direct.

As soon as I lock something into a set pattern the elements of myself tend to challenge that path.
Is it a cognitive groove I need to rework?
You are what you think.
Kindness to the self is also a component.
I will try again tomorrow and carry none of the guilt with me today....

Learning to let go, forgive, and the Now;  which is all we have.

The reading that resonates with me the hardest today was a post on http://blog.essentialparenting.com/;
discussing how you must first collect and then direct.

I need to harness my inner child and apply the some advice that could be directed and useful to my physical child.

Patience with the self and the process.
You knew utter self love when you arrived...now is the time to reclaim it.

let go and let the universe.

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