Friday, January 14, 2011

150 lbs.

Ok I am 150lbs and I do not care about being at that weight at all.
I weigh myself on the scale in my office at Keenan.
This shall be the scale that I use to not be fooled by others I step upon.
I will be 135-140...

I will do this by increasing h2o comsumption, eating more vegi's, eating fruit when I have a sweet craving, limit self to 1 sweet thing per day only, work out 4 x weekly for 1 hour.

One of the patients I work with I haven't seen in about 1 year came to the clinic and said, oh girl, you gettin fat!" I don't like that.

This will change.

Water Tip:

On feeling hungry
drink some water
15 minutes before

Health benefits of drinking water
  • regulate appetite
  • increase metabolism
  • boost energy levels
  • less water retention
  • alleviate some headaches
  • help reduce blood pressure
  • help reduce high cholesterol
  • ease joint pain
  • decrease in risk of some cancers
  • less chance developing kidney stones
  • release toxic waste products
  • improves skin

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