Thursday, December 30, 2010

In 2011 I promise to :
 "listen to me a bit more"-as wise intelligent said, rock a vegetarian diet, develop a regular yoga routine, breathe more/ release more,continue to learn to love myself, leave nicotine in the past, swear less-thus improving my vocabulary, continue to develop the necessary skills to help Emery along his path, accept that Emery will surpass and know more than I could ever fathom as a possibility- he will kill it ( he already is), give more out into the universe, harness more abundance in my life and KNOW I DESERVE it, stop living out of fear and dare to confront that which scares me,  continue to grow as a person, wife, mother, friend, employee, sister, daughter, aunt,teacher, leader, student, seeker, and knower.

Note to self~when you first arrived you loved yourself...This will be my mantra.
My last promise to 2011 is that in the title line of each post there will be an inspirational thought, quote, or URL.

I Love you all
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

This boi makes the hardened edges of my heart soften.
I interact with him and I continually strive to be the best me...
for you to be the best you...


Thanks again 2010.
It has been a lesson as all years are but this year, I really feel as though I have expanded.
I 've continued to question and release, learn and inform, and just push everything to the edge of what is good and righteous to me and mine.
I have so far to go but I have come from a space I would never dream of reentering.

The Universe is good and the continual flow that is amazing!

I believe the concept I need to work on and have strong focus with is the pattern of  "you get what you give".
This was not taught to me-which a lot of thinks weren't/ or is it that I can't remember.

Thank You to All that Have been there for me through out the cycles, I love you ALL.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Your healing task is not to become a new, improved, or changed person. Rather, it is to heal into the present by reclaiming your natural and essential self in all it's fullness. In the very beginning, you loved yourself.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The cycles that we play in each others lives is maddening at times....
We are all in the cypher rotating around each other, so damn close.
I get so tired of the drain and game-the tug and pull- the one up me type bullshit.


This to shall pass and I need to identify that at times there is nothing to do but wait.
Breathe in the struggle  (you know you can hang) and breathe out (the purest white healing light).

Learn to dance in the storm.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had a dream last night that I was really sick (along with an ex of mine-who after 17 years I'm still uneasy with in my head, let alone us holding the same physical space).

There was a man there who was going to help us with the sickness by injecting some medication into our inner ears, this medication would kill us.

The injection was so vivid and I remember it not hurting at all and being happy, then contemplating and understanding death was about to not hurt at all either and I was really happy and relaxed. The Ex feel into a slumber and died as I watched wondering why I wasn't dying yet....

Did I get the same injection? Was there someone else's plan working through me?

Then my dad rolled up to check on me and make sure  I was safe and we drive off together....

R.I.P. Dad
ENJOY the spacelessness.
We ALL will be there ONE day.