Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had a dream last night that I was really sick (along with an ex of mine-who after 17 years I'm still uneasy with in my head, let alone us holding the same physical space).

There was a man there who was going to help us with the sickness by injecting some medication into our inner ears, this medication would kill us.

The injection was so vivid and I remember it not hurting at all and being happy, then contemplating and understanding death was about to not hurt at all either and I was really happy and relaxed. The Ex feel into a slumber and died as I watched wondering why I wasn't dying yet....

Did I get the same injection? Was there someone else's plan working through me?

Then my dad rolled up to check on me and make sure  I was safe and we drive off together....

R.I.P. Dad
ENJOY the spacelessness.
We ALL will be there ONE day.

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